Quinault Investments, LLC.
Conceptual Floor Plan Drawings -
Properties Available for Lease

Exterior masonry construction provide an attractive and professional appearance.  As unfinished shells, these split-level properties provide a wide range of options to suit your needs.   

Available configurations include:

An upper-level 5,386 sq. ft. space divsible into two suites.  Click below to view conceptual floor plan variations in .PDF format.
    Option A1 - Single suite with multiple private offices
    Option A2 - Single suite with emphasis on open space / higher density worker density
    Option A3 - Divided double-suite, approximately 2,680 sq. ft.

8019 Quinault Avenue - Kennewick, WA

In addition, two lower-level suites are available.  First is a 2,700 sq. ft. space divisible into two suite.  Second is a single suite with approximately 1,350 sq. ft.  (See Option B3).  Conceptual drawings for the larger 2,700 space are provided below.

  Option B1 - 2,700 sq. ft. single-suite with offices and conference room.
  Option B2 - 2,700 sq. ft. single-suite with larger open-space concept.
  Option B3 - 2,700 sq. ft. divided into two suites.